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    Tutorpeers Learners...

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    Match & Rate

    Tutorpeers uses custom algorithms to match you with the best tutors. You can also check tutors' ratings and leave your own feedback after each tutoring session.

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    Student Tutor Advantages

    Did you know that it is often easier to learn from someone closer to your own age? The students on Tutorpeers recently learned the same subjects and can better explain it in a way that makes sense to you. Not to mention student tutors are far more affordable than professional adult tutors.

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    Simple Payments

    Just attach your Credit Card or ask your parents to do this for you. All set! Now it's time to schedule a session!

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Our story

Tutorpeers began as a student project at the Dwight School in New York City. Students knew the value of studying with other students and realized they often learned better and faster by tutoring someone close to their own age.

Professional tutors are expensive, difficult to schedule and can be hard to understand.

Student tutors set their own prices and are much more affordable.

Student tutors have similar schedules and have tips and tricks to master challenging subjects that they often just learned themselves.

Tutors also benefit as they improve their own skills and knowledge while helping others. They have the ability to either make money or acquire community service credit.

Building Tutorpeers as a dedicated platform for students, by students brought all of these advantages online.

Our safe and secure site is exclusively designed to connect students with other students to learn together.

The mission of Tutorpeers is to make high quality student tutoring accessible to students worldwide regardless of their location or financial circumstances.

We believe students can help other students fill in the gaps of what is hard to understand in the classroom. We want all students to reach their highest potential and educational goals.



Don't take our word for it. Find out why students, teachers and parents think Tutorpeers is the best online tutoring solution.


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    Is Tutorpeers safe?

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    Tutorpeers is designed to be a safe, secure, and positive learning environment for students to connect with other students. Tutorpeers adheres to the best practices and guidelines of Common Sense Media , the leading source for education and advocacy to families to promote safe technology and media for children and teens. Read more about our privacy and user policies here .

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    Can I have an on-demand lesson with a Tutor?

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    Yes, you can connect with available online tutors right away to get your homework or test prep questions answered now. You also have the option to book a future tutoring session with the same tutor or any other tutor.

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    I didn’t receive a text message with the signup confirmation code, what should I do?

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    Text messages usually arrive within 5 to 10 seconds, depending on the country and the carrier. If a message takes more than 30 seconds for delivery, there might be congestion in your carrier network. The problem usually resolves automatically; just wait a bit and try to sign up later. Need help? Contact us.


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Try Tutorpeers for free.
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The best online solution for peer-to-peer student tutoring
is just a click away.