Peer tutoring for war refugees

Ukraine's displaced children

A supportive online community of students worldwide volunteering to help displaced Ukrainian children to adapt and learn languages wherever they are.

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Help displaced Ukrainian children who arrived or are on their way to host countries to adapt to their new environment! You can communicate, learn languages together and support each other.

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The road to escape from war is long and perilous...

And as soon as this challenging path is over, Ukrainians find themselves in a completely new environment.

This is the beginning of another challenging path, a long and arduous one...
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Girls studying

The first thing to do is to realize: you are now safe

And gradually adapt to the new environment...
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During such difficult times Ukrainian children need care, love and attention.

Tutorpeers has initiated a program for students worldwide who want to help tutor Ukrainian children whose studies have been disrupted or displaced due to war.

Students can help others in their journey to adapt to their new environment, continue their learning, and master new languages. The program is open to students ages 13-18 years old.

Tutorpeers Volunteer Program

Tutorpeers is a dedicated peer-to-peer platform where students can learn together. Volunteer students can connect with displaced students to teach languages and other subjects helping them to adapt to their new environment and relieve stress. For displaced Ukrainians it’s a chance to:

Learn local languages

Local education programs usually teach in their state language. Ukrainian students may not event have basic skills in that language. You can help students learn the language faster and adapt to their new culture and curriculum.

Keep learning

Life and childhood goes on, no one can take it away! Despite the difficulties, children should be able to continue to learn, develop skills, and find new friends.

Support children

Students meet with other students around the world who are supportive and compassionate. These connections and communications with peers helps reduce stress levels.

We have:

Many different subjects

A peer who can help you with English, German, Polish, Romanian, Math, Biology, Chemistry, and many other subjects.

Search for tutors

Find a peer who would like to help you with a specific subject, in your location, of your age, and even those who share the same interests or hobbies!

Free sessions!

There are plenty of tutor volunteers that offer sessions free of charge!


Countries we
are working in

And even if you’re outside of one of these countries, we encourage you to volunteer or look for help. You may still find peers to speak your language and can help you with the studies!

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