Top 10 Summer Jobs for High School Students

Top 10 Summer Jobs for High School Students

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As the academic year winds down and the summer break begins, many high school students seek ways to use their time off productively. Whether they're saving up for a significant purchase or hoping to gain some real-world experience, securing a summer job is a common course of action.

It's a perfect opportunity for teens to gain workplace skills, explore potential career paths, and earn extra money. What are some good jobs for teens this summer? Here, we explore top 10 high school summer jobs to consider.


A classic summer job, working as a lifeguard, is ideal for teens who are strong swimmers and have good instincts for safety. The role is critical because it protects lives by preventing and responding to emergencies. It's about more than just the money; the job can teach important leadership and lifesaving skills and be a great conversation starter!

Retail Worker

Summer is a busy season for many retail businesses, making it one of the more accessible and generally good jobs for teens. Working in retail can provide valuable experience in customer service, teamwork, money management, and communication. It can also significantly boost your confidence in talking to strangers and initiating conversations with fellow humans!


Tutoring younger children can be an excellent summer job for academically-inclined students. It's not only an opportunity to earn but also a chance to strengthen their understanding of subjects. Tutors can operate in-person or, increasingly popular, as part of remote summer jobs for high school students. On Tutorpeers you can effortlessly sign up and begin tutoring and earning money towards something on your wishlist!

Pet or House Sitter

Many families travel during the summer, leaving a demand for reliable pet or house sitters. This job usually involves feeding pets, taking them for walks, or ensuring a house appears lived-in while the owners are away. The job is simple, and what can be better than getting paid while spending time with a happy doggo or beautiful cat?

Food Service Jobs

Jobs in the food industry, such as in cafes, restaurants, or ice cream shops, are typical high school summer jobs. They allow teens to develop practical skills, including multitasking, customer service, and teamwork. You can also pick up a great lifelong skill that is often handy - cooking.

Freelance Content Creator

The digital world offers numerous opportunities for creative and tech-savvy teens. From blogging, creating YouTube videos, and social media management, to graphic design, high school students have a broad range of remote summer jobs. These jobs can also be an excellent starting point for digital media or marketing careers.

Landscaping or Lawn Care Services

Offering landscaping or lawn care services can be rewarding for those who enjoy working outdoors. This job can provide physical activity, a sense of accomplishment, and a chance to learn about small business operations. Who knows, maybe you will start your own lawn-mowing business and turn it into a prominent family business.

Virtual Assistant

Organized and responsible teens may consider becoming virtual assistants, including tasks like managing emails, scheduling appointments, or managing social media accounts. This can help develop valuable administrative skills useful if you want to pursue a career in office space.

Camp Counselor

Working as a camp counselor is a great way to spend the summer for teens who love outdoor activities and working with kids. This job often involves planning activities, ensuring the safety of campers, and problem-solving.


While internships are often unpaid, they can provide invaluable experience in a field of interest and significantly boost a resume. They are excellent high school summer jobs for students interested in particular careers, offering a first-hand experience of the work involved.

With the range of options available, finding good jobs for teens during the summer should be pretty easy. However, it's essential to remember that work is not just about earning money; it can equip teens with practical skills that can be beneficial in the long term. Moreover, having a summer job can impart valuable life lessons. It can teach teens about the importance of time management, particularly if they're balancing work with other commitments like summer classes or hobbies. It can help them understand the value of money, especially if they're saving up for something specific. Above all, it can build a strong work ethic to serve them well in their future careers.

Despite the opportunities available, finding a summer job can still be daunting for many students. It's a competitive process, and often who you know, not just what you know, can make the difference. So, networking, even at a young age, can be beneficial. Teens should reach out to family, friends, neighbors, and local businesses or explore online job boards to find available positions. And while the process can be challenging, it's worth remembering that each job application, interview, and rejection is a learning experience. Happy job hunting!


Q: What are some good jobs for teens during the summer?
A: Some good jobs for teens during the summer include lifeguarding, retail work, tutoring, pet or house sitting, food service jobs, freelance content creation, landscaping or lawn care services, and internships.

Q: What are some examples of remote summer jobs for high school students?
A: Remote summer jobs for high school students can include tutoring, freelance content creation such as blogging, graphic design, or social media management, and being a virtual assistant.

Q: How can a summer job benefit a high school student beyond earning money?
A: Beyond earning money, high school summer jobs can equip students with practical skills that can be beneficial in the long term. They can enhance interpersonal skills, reinforce academic knowledge, build responsibility and leadership abilities, and equip students with technical skills relevant to their future careers.

Q: What is the importance of networking when finding a summer job
A: Networking can be beneficial when finding a summer job, as it often involves who you know, not just what you know. Teens should reach out to family, friends, neighbors, and local businesses or explore online job boards to find available positions.

Q: How should teens choose a summer job?
A: The most important thing is to select a job that aligns with their interests and skills. The summer job should offer a paycheck and a fun, enriching summer experience.

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